Benefits of API Testing

Companies monitor APIs in production. This is a standard practice to ensure API endpoints work quickly and return the expected information. This allows testing teams to detect any issues before the users. What if API issues are discovered by consumers before you? What if the problem is worse than slowness? Smart businesses use API testing before deploying … Continue reading "Benefits of API Testing"

Overcome Challenges in API Testing

Software applications must integrate in this connected age. Users expect instant access to all the information they need, regardless of whether that information is contained within another software application. Because APIs are integral to providing seamless user experiences across multiple software applications, they have been so important. This is true if APIs return correct results. An API issue … Continue reading "Overcome Challenges in API Testing"

Why is API Testing so Important for Healthcare App Development?

In the last few years, healthcare providers have been using mobile apps and websites to communicate with patients and partners more efficiently. Healthcare companies can do all of this with APIs. Healthcare APIs allow healthcare providers to create patient-facing apps that provide new ways for them to communicate with their patients via web, mobile and social … Continue reading "Why is API Testing so Important for Healthcare App Development?"

API Testing Dictionary

These definitions may have different meanings depending upon the context in which you work. They are also used by specific teams, so don’t consider this definitive. These are the terms I have used to explain them to myself, so I can better understand them and how they work. These terms help me to better understand them and … Continue reading "API Testing Dictionary"

Summary Guide for Creating and Maintaining Automated API Tests

API stands for Application I nterface. It’s a set rules that allows programs to communicate with each other. APIs allow server-client communication to be made easier. defines the API’s appearance. It stands for REpresentational Transfer. This is a set rules developers must follow when creating their API. One of these rules is that you must be able get data (called a resource), when you … Continue reading "Summary Guide for Creating and Maintaining Automated API Tests"

Microservices: What the basics?

Big MNCs such as Amazon, Google and Netflix are now using microservices architecture for their business needs. The microservices trend is also causing debates about monoliths versus microservices. Let’s first understand monolithic architecture and how it led to the shift from monolithic architecture to microservices architecture. This will help us understand microservices and their importance in modern times. … Continue reading "Microservices: What the basics?"